Justy Phillips


1.When your head is a bear, 2013. Single channel video 05:04min.

2. When your head is a bear, 2013. Production still.

3. When your head is a bear, 2013. Video still.


When your head is a bear

'The fourth polar bear in three months has landed in Iceland last month. This one swam ashore in Iceland's remote Wetfjord region and was spotted roaming the countryside in Hælavík. Much like its predecessors, the bear was promptly shot and killed.

While polar bears have never been welcome in Iceland, they have until recently been a rare visitor. When the pair arrived in 2008, it had been two decades since a polar bear stepped foot in the country. As the polar ice cap melts, however, an increasing number of polar bears are drifting via iceberg and inevitably some of them wind up swimming ashore in Iceland.'

Anderson, A. Iceland's Polar bear policy, www.grapevine.is/ReadArticle/ICELANDS-POLAR-BEAR-POLICY, Access date: 10 June 2011.

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