Justy Phillips

Magnificent, 2009

Magnificent is launched as an experimental publishing platform. Published four-monthly in Tasmania, this modern day novella presents an opportunity to reconsider contemporary social issues in Tasmania. Magnificent questions our relationship to people, identity and place by connecting extraordinary actions and everyday lives. Based on a celebration of the local, each edition of Magnificent is FREE to subscribers in 2009. With a screwed up identity – part magazine, part documentary, part novel, Magnificent presents a unique twist on the nineteenth-century novella – short tales of country life brought to, and orated in the city. True to historical form, each edition will turn around a single incident or significant issue.

Magnificent number 01, 2009

Number one, Volume 1, 2009

Magnificnet number two, volume one. Justy Phillips 2009.


Number two, Volume 1, 2009

Number three, Volume 1, 2009

magnificent number three, volume 1, 2009

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